Flatbed Towing Service

Flatbed Towing

Is the safest way to transport a vehicle,  preventing perils  like getting the  bumper scraped should the truck go over a pot hole, speed bump or sharp incline.

And  they don’t require any special adjustments to the vehicle’s powertrain. That way The car doesn’t absorb any wear and tear.

Flatbeds are ideal for:

all-wheel drive vehicle and SUV’s,

  • luxury cars
  • vintage cars
  • Machinery (bulldozers, excavators)
  • Exotic vehicles
  • Motorcycle towing

Oscar Towing is here to help with any situation. be it a scheduled towing or an emergency situation requiring quick action. 

We take pride in what we do and we do so with professionalism and expertise.  We will always be there to assist you ASAP!!

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